'No Security' Means Limited Loan

Written By Devi Kristanti on Friday, October 24, 2014 | 6:29 PM

Many things matter when you apply for a loan that does not require any security. First of all, your credit score and DTI ratio is looked into. Your credit score tells the lender how reliable you have been in your past financial transactions. The loan is given after considering the borrower's credit score.

Debt to income (DTI) ratio highlights your how much cash is available with you for repayment of debts. It shows your repaying capability. DTI is equal to Debts per month/Income per month of the borrower. If the DTI ratio is up to 30 per cent, the borrower has good chances of getting unsecured loans without many hassles.

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Unsecured loans are also known as consumer loans. These are multipurpose loans and, therefore, can be used for a plenty of reasons. Some of them may include:Car purchase
Debt consolidation
Meeting educational and medical expenses
Undergoing cosmetic surgery

Unsecured loans [http://www.loans-bazaar.co.uk/unsecured-loans.html] are available online and many lenders deal in such loans. You can apply with private online lenders, high street banks, building societies and other financial institutions. The rate of interest varies from 7 per cent to 40 per cent. A borrower with a clean and excellent credit record may get loans at interest rate that hovers around the lower extreme and vice versa. Since there is no security involved in such loans, you can get loans up to £20-25,000 only. This amount can take care of your lot of financial worries.

The credit score and DTI ratio constitute the two most important factors that contribute to the lender's decision in respect of the loan amount, the APR and repayment period to be allowed to the consumer. So, if you do not have any security or you do not want to pledge any of your asset, unsecured loans provide you a good opportunity to borrow money.

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