Secured Loans Vs Unsecured Loans

Written By Devi Kristanti on Thursday, September 11, 2014 | 4:07 AM

If you’re looking for a loan you maybe deciding whether to get a personal loan or a secured loan, it may be useful to know the differences between the two.

A personal loan, generally known as an unsecured loan and can take the form of a credit card debt, a bank overdraft, or a ‘personal loan’ that is obtained through a lender who has verified that you can re-pay the loan. Interest rates will vary depending on the lender and the circumstances of the borrower.

A secured loan involves the borrower putting up collateral against the loan; typically property or savings.

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If you take out a secured loan and you have put your home up as collateral your home could be re-possessed if you fail to make the payments on the loan. But, in return, the lender with offer you a lower interest rate as they know they can get their money back should they need to.

Unsecured loans, or personal loans, will have a higher rate of interest because of the risk involved to the lender; if a borrower defaults on payments the lender will be forced to use other methods such as debt collection agencies to recover the loan, and they may risk losing their money entirely if the borrower goes bankrupt. Typically unsecured loans are used for emergencies, and providing the borrower has a good credit rating, an instant source of quick cash.

The borrower may feel that an unsecured loan [] is the better option because they’re not putting up their home, property or savings against the loan, however, a secured loan would mean lower interest rates and longer periods of re-payment – up to twenty five years.

When deciding on taking out a loan if is essential that you look at all the options and work out what you require. If you need money for home improvements, renovation or maybe even a car then a secured loan [] would be your best option whereas an unsecured loan should be used for smaller transactions like a holiday and that can easily be paid back. Choose a loan that suits your circumstances.

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