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What Charges And Penalties You May Have To Pay On Your Loan?

Written By Devi Kristanti on Tuesday, August 26, 2014 | 4:02 AM

Apart from the APR, there are other charges as well that a borrower has to pay on loans. Adding all this will tell you the true cost of the loan. The charges and penalties who may have to pay are mentioned in the “small print” of the loan. It is also known as the loan contract. To avoid, confusions and misunderstandings the borrower must discuss everything beforehand stated in the loan contract.

Cited below are the loan penalties and charges that you may have to pay on your secured and unsecured loans.

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Arrangement fees- Charges levied at the starting of the loan for arranging the loan deal is called the arrangement fee. It is usually 1% of the loan amount offered to you by the lender. One can negotiate with the lender to lower the arrangement fee. Some lenders may also exempt the borrowers from it.

Annual Fees- The fees charged by the lender on the total arrears, missed payments and late payments you have in a year is the annual fee. The borrower should keep his monthly installments timely to prevent this extra charge that in some cases can be hefty.

Early redemption penalties- This is some of the most expensive charge that is levied on the borrower. If the borrower wants to clear his debts quickly and tends to end his loan prior to the maturity date, the lender will compensate this by charging a certain penalty. Some banks like Morgan Stanely don't charge any such penalty on either secured or unsecured loans.

Settlement Fees- This is done on case the borrower accepts that he can't pay his outstanding loan amount due to the lender. Thereby, he offers the lender a particular amount that he can repay. If the lender agrees, an arrangement known as IVA (Individual Voluntary arrangement) is signed and the loan is settled. The lender charges a settlement fees on this.

So, whenever you apply for secured or unsecured loans [http://www.loans-bazaar.co.uk/unsecured-loans.html], be sure about the charges and penalties you may have to pay. Knowing in advance is better than repenting later...

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